Student Board Elections and Responsibilities



Hillel elections for UW-Milwaukee are held the first week of spring semester. Being a part of the Hillel student board means helping run programs for our Hillel to be successful. It also means working together as a team to make Hillel a place of celebration, fun and learning for students. Hillel student board is a responsibility that is taken seriously and is a great adventure. Training will be provided by former student board members, Hillel staff and/or student affairs personnel at UW-Milwaukee.

There are four main positions available on the Hillel student board. If you are interested in being a committee leader, as well as (or instead of) on the student board, please contact us at Below is a description of the four main board positions. If you would like to run for one of these positions or would like to be a committee leader, please write a Letter of Intent (two paragraphs) about yourself and why you are interested in the position, including your name, year in school and email address. The next student board election will be held in January 2015.

Any student who has attended at least three Hillel events during this academic year is eligible to run for student board. Any student who has attended at least two Hillel events is eligible to vote. (Exceptions will be made for students who are new to campus in spring, 2015.) 



Student Board Positions at JSS-Hillel (UWM)



The President is in charge of the student board and is expected to lead the student meetings and to check in with other officers to make sure that programs and other activities are getting planned and are running smoothly. Helps plan programs and attends 90% of the events that are planned. Makes announcements at events to promote upcoming events. Serves as a student representative on the Hillel lay Board of Directors (adult board). Works closely with the full time staff at Hillel and is the representative for the University. This person will be an officer on Orgsync. Sends out weekly or bi weekly emails to the student board. Attends grant meetings if others cannot. Helps out when needed.

Vice President

The Vice President takes over for the president when he/she is unable to be present. The VP is expected to attend student board meetings and is expected to be at most of the programs that are being planned. Helps plan programs for Hillel and has an understanding of the different programs that are being planned. Offers help to all board members. Attends university meetings. This person helps set up tables and rooms for different events and is expected to be checking email. This person will be an officer on Orgsync and will serve as a liaison to the students.


The secretary is the person that takes notes at the meetings. This person is expected to attend the majority of programs. The secretary will write up the minutes and send it to the student board and Hillel staff. This person helps plan programs and checks emails. As a student board member, the Secretary will be an officer on Orgsync. The Secretary will also be able to reserve rooms and tables for upcoming events. This person will help market Hillel programs via social media.


The treasurer is the person that works closely with the full time staff to make sure programs are staying under budget. They will have an understanding of how much we have to spend throughout the semester. This person will be the liaison between the full time staff and the student board when it comes to spending. They are expected to be at the student meetings and are also expected to attend most of the events that are being planned. This person will go to the grant meetings; these meetings are learning about the grants from the university and defending the grants. This person will be the main person in writing grants, but always can ask others on board to help. This person will check emails and will be an officer on Orgsync. This person can help reserve rooms and tables for different events. This person will help the board stay within the budget.

Committee Leader positions include Social Action Chair, Shabbat and Holiday Celebrations Chair, Israel Awareness, and others, depending on your interests!

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